1 Day in Lembang Bandung With Ms Annisa’s Family
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tangkuban parahu

An extraordinary day in Lembang Bandung, where there are many tourist attractions. So this is the beginning of the story, I offered a city tour to Ms. Annisa, at an affordable price she was interested in taking it. But she asks about how much time will given in a day, and I answer, the time is unlimited as long as you and the driver are strong enough. She asked me to take her to reach all tourist attractions in lembang with one day. Without hesitation I immediately agreed. I asked her once again “the tourist attractions in Lembang are very many, are you physically strong enough to reach them in one day?”, she also answered ” I must be strong, if we feel tired we soak the hot spring in the night, so we will spent it till night. it’s okay, right ?”, I answered with a little challenge, I’ll even do till the dawn. but she not alone, she was along with her family and friends.

Previously she ordered a small car which she thought was enough for 5 people, she said for 3 adults and 2 small children, and I thought it could be enough to use a small car like a sedan or hatchback, but it turns out that 2 small children have bodies like adults, so she thought it would not be enough to use a car with a capacity of 4 passengers. so we reluctantly reject this suitability, but we give the second option to replace a car with a capacity of 6 passengers, and of course at a different price, and she agreed.

She did not provide a list of places she wanted to visit she only wanted to take a day out in lembang, based on our experience, a day in lembang could be reach 5 tourist attractions, and we also recommend places to visit namely, Lodge Maribaya, Floating Market, Dusun Bambu, and Farmhouse. But back to referring “as long as you and the driver are strong enough” she also said she wanted until night, and I also agreed to it, because based on our experience, even though we gave a recommendation for a list of 5 tourist attractions so that our clients were satisfied even though they had to compact time. But the fact that always happens is that our most client are only strong for those 2-3 tourist spots and they complain of being tired and want to go back to the hotel early. not because of the bad scenery and comfortable atmosphere of Lembang, but they feel tired because of the long sitting in the car due to traffic jams.

But it was Friday it means it’s still weekdays and it won’t be like a traffic jam on weekends. But I still suggested to went at early morning. and she also agrees if we started the tour very early. I arrived at the hotel at 5.30am to pick them up at the hotel in the Chihampelas area. I depart from the hotel at 6:30am and have discussed where will we go on this tour.

Our first destination is Tangkuban parahu, we arrived there at about 7.30 am. We enjoyed the atmosphere at the Tangkuban Perahu mountain, his father seemed to stroll around there while talking casually with other tourists while Ms Annisa and her sister and her friend were taking pictures in lots of spots. Maybe if you want to go after with the intention of initially reaching many tourist attractions in lembang, I think they spend too much time here. But it doesn’t matter as long as they are happy.

Our second goal is to The Lodge Maribaya, this is a photo spots area with many artificial rides, such as floating bikes, high swings, and many others. we arrived here at around 9:30 a.m. For this time I didn’t enter, just waiting in the car park.

The third goal is a floating market. We arrived there at around 2.30pm, Floating market is a place where many people sell food including in boats that are floating. Not only to eat, this place also has many playgrounds such as mini trains, rabbit parks, and many others including the main one is sailing using a raft boat.

After that I thought they were still strong enough to go to other tourist attractions. And indeed they may be our strongest clients. They still want to enter many tourist attractions again. Is our fourth destination Farmhouse, there as it was made to place photographs, many different photo sets owned by the place. At about 8.00pm we finished at the farmhouse.

I feel they have already prepared physically the day before. I took a lot of rest at that time, like in a car park when they were playing at a tourist spot. But you can imagine, they have no rest, oh how strong they are. Not without reason, after finishing at the farmhouse at 8.00pm, they want to go to the place where they have planned, Yes, soak in hot spring.

Farmhouse is located under the lembang which is actually already the path to go home, but they want to let go of their tiredness by soaking in the hot spring in Sari Ater. The location is to the north of Tangkuban Perahau, which means we are back away from the direction of going home. About 1 hour away from Farmhouse to Sari ater. Arrived there we don’t go straight in, we eat first in front of the entrance. They enter at around 10.00 pm, and that means we will go home past midnight. And that was right, we go home around 1:30 a.m, and on the way some of them directly sleep soundly, but salute to Ms. Annisa and her sister, they did not sleep, I was lucky because there could be friends chatting because I already felt sleepy and it was dangerous to drive a car.

This trip was truly extraordinary. A client who is strong and cool, I feel like a family, we often joke in the car when on trip, which makes me not feel tired. 20 hours in charge doesn’t makes me tired, this is what we call family. All in Bandung, We are not Pro but Friendly, we make a tour like we are family.

Thank Ms Annisa From Lampung, see u later.

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