3 days With Miss Yusna and Her Daughter, From Malaysia
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That travel plans has failed but Mis Yusna and her daughter not disappointed because it’s not about how capable we are but its all about time. Long before the journey, We make a deal for price according to how many days will spend to done her business. And Miss Yusna given us a schedule what her will do. Miss Yusna come to Bandung for duty, but she dont want to through beautiful of bandung as well, so she also make schedule for vacation.

5 nights and 4 days in Bandung, 2 days for duty and the rest for vacation. To do her job, she asks us to provide what she need like hotel and finding some place for event, and with our pleasure we did it.  Day 1 she arrived in husein sastra negara airport with her daughter and we picked them up and bring ’em to hotel that we have ordered. Shortly after checked in hotel we are headed for tourist attractions. In the second day we visited more tourist attractions than Day 1 because we start from morning. 8 pm Ad hoc team came and we picked em up and bring em to the hotel. Day 3 event started and run until day 4. Day 5 we visited tourism places and shopping places as well.

ok, its short story in 5 days. Lets be detail about vacation

Day 1 south of bandung

We have reached the planned tourist attraction, but a little bit incompatible with the plan which in our plan directly to the hotel after picking up at the airport but it does not matter because of it is demand from miss yusna.

we pick them up from the airport and go straight to Kawah Putih. Kawah Putih is a tourist attraction in Bandung located in Ciwidey area. Kawah Putih is a lake formed from the eruption of Patuha Mount. After enjoying the scenery and the atmosphere of Kawah Putih we went to the glamping lakeside which is about 14km away for lunch and enjoying the lake with mildly cool weather on the artificial vessel that is specially designed for a place to eat. and after that we headed to the hotel and finished for the day, because miss yusna will prepare the event for what is the purpose in his work in bandung.



Day 2 North of Bandung

Not in accordance with the plan, in 6 destinations that are planned only 3 that can be realized ie Dusun Bambu then to Tangkuban Parahu and to Lodge Maribaya, because if you want to go in accordance with the plan needs a prime physical and time discipline. as in Dusun Bambu, which was in the plan only 30min but because enjoy it was not enough with 30 minutes. as well as in maribaya it spend a lot of time. it is so, so the best solution is really have to spend a lot of time to explore bandung.





Day 3 city tour

Not according to plan, just to geology museum and to Pasar Baru for shopping also kartikasari to buy food for gift. Unfortunetly smartphones crashed and damaged, so there is no Photos of Pasar Baru, kartikasari, and the atmosphere of Bandung city streets.

Geology Museum

We give the best of us. although not in accordance with the plan, but in the field we always offer the best for our clients with all the limitations of clients such as time and physical condition.

Thank you so much Miss Yusna

Warm regards from US

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